About Me

My real name is Michelle. Online I use Misty and Milady (which stands for Michigan lady even though I have not lived in Michigan for several years. I also use Anne which is my middle name) But offline is just plain ole Michelle. I have been living in the south for about 12 years now and yes I get called a Yankee quite often.  I have a northern accent. You can take the girl out of Michigan. But you can’t take the Michigan out of the girl. People get really confused when I call a Pepsi or Coke a “Pop” and not a soda. Or I tell them about raking up leaves in the Fall. Here they don’t do that and there is no snow. If there is any it is very little.   I only saw the ocean once. But I did not get to swim in it.    I was riding on a bus with a bunch of people when I seen it. We all went to lunch and had a good seafood dinner. Anyway,my favorite animal is a cat. My favorite colors are blue,pink,purple,and teal. My favorite food is seafood. I also like Italian food. Both which are quite fattening.But there are some Italian foods like zucchini lasagne that can be made with veggies.  I also like salads which are good for me.  For the past five years I have been living at a Rehab Center recovering from an accident I was in July of 2010. My beliefs are Apostolic Pentecostal.



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