Enough with the silliness

The last few posts have been about silly pictures and things that are not real. Like faeries and unicorns. Yes, they are cute. But, I really don’t believe in them. But I do believe in The Lord Jesus.  Because I know he is real. His spirit (The Holy Ghost) lives on today.

283065_174999249238792_7869197_nNo  my hair is not that long. But it used to be. No I didn’t cut it. But it was cut for surgery after I was involved in an accident a few years ago.I was riding my bicycle home from work and a person in a car came up behind me and hit my bike with the car. Causing me to go to the hospital and have my hair shaved off to have brain surgery.

I didn’t like that. But I know the accident was not my fault and that The Lord kept me alive and that hair will grow back. It is really growing back.




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